List of Oloyans and their Ruling Houses. As expected, there are many different lists from different sources and ruling houses because of personal interests. The major difference between most of these lists is in terms of succession and the name used for each Oba. The other groups oof lists is in terms ones that intentionally omitted the names of Oloyans that Onile Ruling House produced including Oba Nathaniel Omotosho who reigned for almost fourty (40) years (1958 – 1996AD)

History had it that most Oloyans from Epe to Ige reigned for an average of fourty (40) years each until the turn of Abegunde who reigned for only nine (9) years. Surprisingly, the next three (3) Obas after him also reigned for nine (9) years each. It was then believed that all Oloyans, from then on, were jinxed to reign for only nine (9) years. So, when Oba Oyelere ascended the throne in 1930, he sounded it loud and clear that he would not be a’9- year’ Oloyan. He added that being at twin, he would reign for at least 18 years to make up for his twin. He did reign for 18 years. Therefore, in estimating the reigns of each Oloyan, for their reigns and any interregnums, 40 years are assigned to each Oloyan from Epe to Abegunde. This puts the founding of Oyan to between year 1250 and 1300 AD. This falls within the reign of Oba Fagbamila Ajagunla of Ila Orangun whom historians claimed reign for about 130 years before he ‘sank’ into mother earth.

Accordingly, the best acceptable list with approximate4 dates is as follows:-

1.Epe- Onile 1254-1294 (2) Oyeleye- Onile 1294-1334 (3) Oluwaiye-Onile 1334-1374 (4) Onduloye-Laojo 1374-1414 (5)Akinmoyero-Onile 1414-1454 (6) Olode Okuta- Onile 1454-1494 (7) Olarinoye-Elemo 1494-1534 (8)  Suku – Laoja 1534-1574  (9) Asoroko – Laojo 1574-1614 (10) Oyediran- Onie 1614-1654 (11) Okunoye – Olomooba 165-1694 (12) Areoye – Daodu 1694-1734 (13) Akinrinlo – Laojo 1734-1774 (14) ADemola- Laojo 1774-1814 (15) Orisalolu- Daodu 1814-1854 (16) Ige- Elemo 1854-1894 (17) Abegunde –Laojo -1894-1912 (18) Adegbile-Laojo 1903-1912 (19) Akinloye –Olomooba 1912-1921 (20) Onnuola-Elemo 1921-1930 (21) Oyelere- Olomooba 1930-1948 (22) Folayan- Daodu 1949-1957 (23) Omotoso- Onile 1958-1996 (24) Adekeye – Elemo Aresinkeye 1998 to date.

2.List of the incumbent kingmakers in order of Seniority with Title and Compound. (1) Chief Oladimeji Suliaman- Esa, Esa (under dispute with case in court 3 High Court, Osogbo since 2016) (2) Chief Oyesanya Olasunkanmi – Ojomu, Ojomu (3) Chief Yusufu Saberedowo – Osolo, Osolo (4) Vacant ……………. Inurin, Inurin (5) Chief I.F. Omotosho- Arogun, Arogun (6) Chief Olayiwola – Ola

3.List of Council of Chiefs Iware with their Compounds in alphabetical order. As at April 2017, out of 20 members of Ilu 18 seats are vacant for some reasons. Only two chiefs are now serving as members of Ilu Council. They are (1) Chief Zacheus Oluwasegun Adedoyin-Odoka, Lakolu (2) Chief Timothy Adeyemi – Jagun, (Aromoso); while the vacant seats are:- (1) Aade- Aade (2) Alaagba – Alaagba (3) Alawe- Alawe (4) Balogun- Onto (5) Elemona – Elemona (6) Elemoso – Elemoso (7) Ikolaba- Ikolaba (8) Iyalode- Open (9)Iyaloja – Open (10) Majekobaje- Oloba (11) Obafa- Agarawu (12) Odofin – Odofin (13) Olowa- Olowa (14) Olowaeyin- Otupepeye. (15) Oluawo – Oluawo (16) OLuoko- Oluoko/Oloya (17) Sakin-Alaaka (18) Oyesan – Obitikun are vacant.

4.List of Traditional Spiritual Heads in alphabetical order. (1) Alaagba- Head of Masquerades (2) Babamogba- Head of Sango Worshippers (3) Oluawo- Head of Diviners (4) Oluode- Head of Hunters. The title holders are open to many compounds.